Kind Words

"Hands down the most beautiful hard working women ever!! Even with pouring rain, handled situations without a hitch!!! They were perfection personified!! Love you ladies and Thank You for All your hard work. Absolutely amazing!"
-Lisa Brantley 10/07/2017, Facebook

"Learning about Forward Fig Planners was a true blessing for my daughter’s wedding. Carol and Andrea are both such professionals but also have hearts of gold. Planning a wedding can become overwhelming very quickly. Carol and Andrea were always right there to help with decisions, answer questions, suggest ideas, keep in touch with vendors and keep us on track. They not only provided help for months before the event but worked so hard the weekend of the wedding to make each detail perfect. The result was a dream wedding come true. I cannot say enough about these two ladies and highly recommend them for planning a wedding event. "
-SP 09/10/2017, The Knot

"The ladies at Forward Fig are Cinderella's fairy god mother reincarnated. They really and truly do make all of your wedding dreams a reality."
-Rachel 09/02/17, The Knot

"The ladies at Forward Fig are wonderful. They are kind, fun, creative, and efficient. With Forward Fig, your big day will be a special day."
-Leah Hermiler 07/09/17, Facebook

"I can't tell you how great these ladies are to work with!  Carol and Andrea really know their stuff.  They think of things that I had no clue were even issues to ponder with my event. I hired them to help me with a grand opening business event.  They guided me through every step of the process.  It was amazing!  They didn't just plan, they EXECUTED!  They were there from start to finish and every step along the way.  They kept me on track and ensured that every little detail (from vases of flowers to napkins) were "just so." I don't care what your event is--a birthday, a wedding, a business deal--they can help you with every aspect and ensure that it runs well and nothing is forgotten.  Also, they are there for you that very day or evening to ensure any little snags or bumps are quickly addressed and handled. They will work in your budget and offer you personalized service with big smiles and big delivery."
-Cat L. 8/10/2016, Yelp

"My brother and sister in law were married this past weekend and Carol and Andrea were AMAZING! !!! Everything went so smoothly! They are excellent at what they do!!!"
-Jessica 4/30/16, Wedding Wire